• Promote your content on social platforms
  • Get More people to see your content
  • Improve your Social Profile
How it Works
You create post. We periodically select a random post and put it on your Facebook or Twitter Profile.
  • Is it Free? Yes, It is.
  • How does it help me? It promotes your content, on your network.
  • Can't I do that myself? Yes, you can. But you have 50 posts (or more), you want to randomly promote those on your network every 3 hours including the time you are sleeping!
  • Why 3 hours, Can't I set my own frequency? We feel 3 hours is a good interval for your audience, across multiple time zones. We understand the need to set your own frequency and we are working on it. We will let you know, once we roll that out!
  • How can I edit a post? Well, you can't. Delete and create a new one.